Increase your home value with beautiful granites

Granite is a hard stone that occurs naturally. With its distinctive features, it enables you to enjoy a lot of benefits whenever you are using it. For instance, installing granite countertops will increase the ultimate value of your home. They are incredibly durable, and they enhance the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen. You will also love the unique looks that set them apart from other stones. If you want to find them in Springfield, you can visit the Granite Showroom in Springfield MO. The following are some of the reasons why you should do it.

granite springfield MO

Quality Granite countertops in Springfield MO

If you want first-rate granite countertops, this showroom is one of the best places to go to. They have a natural stone inventory that is more than 400, 000 sq. Feet. The inventory systems are organized, and their warehouse comes with even more order. This allows you to get the best and newest granite countertops whenever you need them.

Various Locations

They have showrooms in multiple locations, These include one in Springfield MO and another in St. Louis MO. and one other in Iowa city, Iowa. Their first warehouse was in St. Louis, MO. You can visit them or contact them when you are looking for the best natural granite stones. Being local to you, they offer you the first hand Stone experience right in your neck of woods.

Powerful Team

This is another reason why you should visit the Granite Showroom in Springfield MO They have a great team that ensures that you get top-notch services. This ensures that all your individual needs are met. They are reputable for making sure that their clients get the full value of their money. Team is experienced in designing your countertop project, they can also help you deciding what kind of stone will work best for your project, based on your budget and usage. They can also help you with finding a fabricator, who will eventually cut and install the countertops for you.

Excellent Stone Selection

The showroom comes with a unique stone selection, making it the best place to buy Granite in Springfield Missouri. They buy their products in bulk so that you can enjoy a color and pattern consistency in the stones that are available. This allows you to choose those that fit your needs and preferences.

Vast Experience

The granite showroom has been dealing with natural stones since 1999. They have gained massive knowledge about Granite countertops in Springfield MO. This has allowed them to better their products for maximum customer satisfaction.

Here are few tips on choosing Granite countertops in Springfield MO?

Slab thickness

Whenever you are buying granite countertops, you should consider choosing the thick ones, atleast three inches thick. They are less fragile, and their quality is better than that of the 1-inch countertops that require laminate edges and supports.


Some granite countertops use seams while others do not. It is advisable that you opt for the seamless ones. They can retain their fresh looks, and therefore, you can use them for years without needing to replace them.


Granite countertops come in different colors. Choose a color that resonates with the décor of the room where you intend to install them.

With the best place to buy Granite in Springfield Missouri, you can find the countertops that you need. Go for quality ones that are thick as well as affordable. Their color should also be appealing.