Tarrazu | Quartz

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  • tarrazu Quartz is at Stoneland!
  • tarrazu Quartz is at Stoneland!

Tarrazu Quartz

Originating from China, Tarrazu Quartz offers a swirl of neutral shades of browns and beige, hints of white and grey. Perfect for those who want to make a bold statement or want the relaxing feel of earth tones. Reminiscent of a walk on the beach, this slab favors sand littered with lovely rock and shells, in colors that naturally occur in the wild.

Imagine rocks smoothed over by pounding waves. Peach, pinkish shells washed up during high tide, left to bake in the coastal sun. Polished and surfaced until a high sheen glistens, echoing your reflection back at you. This quartz slab will endure for years without damage. It will compliment your kitchen, bath, foyer, or stairway with elegance.

Resistant to all types of wear-and-tear, it’ll stand strong against abuse and keeps shining year after year. What an impression this color choice would make on potential home-buyers, family and friends, or even showcase as a model home! Visit our showroom today Click the link to make an appointment.

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