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Not all colors available at all locations
  • Tan Brown Granite is at Stoneland!
  • Tan Brown Granite is at Stoneland!
  • Tan Brown Granite is at Stoneland!
  • Tan Brown Granite is at Stoneland!

Tan Brown Granite from India

When it comes to adding style and flare to your home you cannot go wrong with granite.
Granite counter tops and bathroom vanity tops add beauty to the room that will last for years.
Granite is not only beautiful but durable as well. You can have a granite slab-shaped and placed nearly anywhere you want in your home.

Where Granite Works Best

There really is no limit to where you can have granite placed in your home such as:

  • Front door entry way
  • Fireplace mantel
  • Bathroom and hallway floors
  • Kitchen and Bathroom countertops

Available Thicknesses

Typically, the standards of thickness range around 1 and ¼ inch or 2 cm for granite. Thicker granite slabs are available and work well as kitchen countertops.

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you are considering thicker granite there are a few things to take into consideration first such as price, style, and color. Your budget is important and the price you end up paying will depend on the thickness and size of the granite slab you choose. When it comes to style granite works very well with modern, contemporary and minimalist designs. Darker colors are typically easier to find in thicker varieties versus the lighter colors. When you consider color, consider Tan Brown granite.

Tan Brown Granite is a beautiful blend of both tan and brown that resembles a freshly baked pan of caramel brownies with a high gloss glaze.

Tan Brown Granite from India is a beautiful blend of earth tones. Tan Brown Granite is growing in popularity simply because the color compliments most kitchens and bathrooms.
Tan brown granite adds a comfortable yet durable color to blend with your cabinets and flooring.

Stainless steel appliances are also gaining in popularity and Tan Brown Granite countertops or island countertops will add a rich, deep color that works well with
stainless steel too.

Visit our showroom today to view a selection of granite slabs that is right for you.

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