Montclair | Teltos Quartz

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Montclair Quartz

Predominantly white finish, with small rivers of gold vining through gives this quartz slab a slight glimmer. Montclair Quartz would pair well with gold tones or brass, and of course a variety of other color schemes. Wood grain would compliment the gold flecks for the shabby-chic look, or trending farmhouse décor. Drawer pulls and cabinet door handles in a matching tone would really accent the earth tones in this color.

Copper tones in the quartz shimmer with light. Because of its delicate lines, it can also just be a vague undertone to the room. Envision the high sheen of this quartz on your walls for that sophistication or dramatic statement. Due to the lasting properties of quartz, you can show many different looks and still showcase your lovely quartz slabs. Looking very similar to the traditional white quartz rocks you find in riverbeds, this slab looks like it is flaked with 24 karat gold! Neutral colors make this quartz slab versatile for many applications. Visit our showroom today to experience the exquisite look and feel.

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