Landscape | Teltos Quartz

Not all colors available at all locations
  • landscape Quartz is at Stoneland!

Landscape Quartz

A true statement is being made with Landscape Quartz. The white background is interrupted with dimension of color, flecks of beige and veining of black swirling around turquoise colored stone is a statement in itself. Farmhouse blue would pair wonderfully, as well as ultra modern or contemporary.

Adorn your island, countertops, and/or floors in this unique look and be the envy of the neighborhood. The bright white creates the clean “happy” vibe, while the color tones provide a focal point.

Expand your creative vision and change the decorations for a whole new look with the longevity of quartz. Available for many applications, the possibilities are endless. Even a slab for your tabletop would make a statement with this classy choice. Adorned with flecks and swirls, veins and ‘stones’, make your bathroom somewhere you can relax in a tub surrounded by gorgeous floors and vanity. Due to the non-porous surface, it is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms alike. Make an appointment to visit our showroom today, our design consultants will be delighted to find the right size slab for you and design your dream kitchen or floors.

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