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Calacatta Quartz

Premium white with bold markings. Fresh and bright, calacatta quartz is a neutral color. You can hand select which slab or slabs you prefer. With a lasting glossy finish, this color will add brightness and class to any room, with durability and strength for years to come.

A popular choice for countertops, this stunning color will also make for phenomenal flooring, and even walls! The non-porous surface will aid in the elimination of bacterial growth, and the hardness of the slab makes it unlikely to chip, scratch or break.

As with the other colors it is offered in a variety of thickness, 12 inch, 34 inch, and 1-12 inch. Close your eyes and picture this beauty on your bathroom vanity! The meandering veins of grayish white breaks the solid white’s monotony to give a clean look.

Any kitchen would boast character and grace with this color layout. Two-toned white on white brightens up any room and the versatility of this color can be added to any home or office for a hint of graceful savoir faire. Visit our showroom today and pick the right slab for your kitchen or flooring project.

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