Black Glass | Quartz

Not all colors available at all locations
  • black glass Quartz is at Stoneland!
  • black glass Quartz is at Stoneland!

Black Glass Quartz

Sophisticated and subtle, black glass quartz is a great choice for bathroom walls and floors.
Midnight black, with flakes of silvery white and high gloss finish will provide a beautiful focal point for any home.
Available in varying thickness, schedule a visit to the showroom to see a slab in person. Quartz is an optimal choice for modern decorating, classic, retro, or chic design plans.

Similar to a starry night, this color of quartz will provide years of use. Quartz offers less maintenance than natural stone, and is still extremely resilient and durable. Because of the extremely versatile color of this quartz, it will compliment any home.
Accent with white to bring out the flecks in the design, or contrast with bright vibrant colors for a bold look. Subtle earth tones will blend well and add a touch of class.

Create your own unique look or have your decorator make the decisions for you, replacing those outdated kitchen countertops with the clean lines of black glass quartz.
Visiting a showroom will give you an opportunity to see it in person, touch the smooth surface, and imagine your kitchen with the beauty of quartz.

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