How To Measure Square Footage Of Your Countertop

by Dhruv Kar
Dec 03, 2018

How To Measure Square Footage Of Your Countertop

After Years of looking at the same counter tops in your kitchen, you are ready for a change. You have checked out what the new trend is in counter tops and now you have decided to go with the popular granite for your renovation. You have spoken with the professionals on the phone, and they need a general idea as to how much counter space that you have in order to give you a ball park estimate. You need to measure the countertop square footage, but have no concept about how to go about the process of measuring. All it takes is a measuring tool and math skills.

Professional help is essential

All counter tops are not one length, and usually have more than one section. Using a standard measurement tool, you start by getting the measurement in inches then convert to feet. The professionals at Stoneland Inc. will get the final, exact measurement for cost estimation. They use the modern up to date digital measuring tools to measure your countertops, and ensure accuracy and cost efficiency.

Measure countertop square footage | Stoneland Inc

Measure countertop square footage

Learning to measure sq footage of countertops

  1. To measure your countertops, start by measuring the length of all counter tops, base cabinets, and island. Also include the inches of back splash.

  2. Now measure the width of the counter tops and multiply the total length of the counter tops by the width in inches. An example wound be a length of 122. inches, and a width of 26 inches. Your total sq. inch would be (122 x 26 ) 3,172 sq inches.

  3. For the backsplash, multiply the total of 122 inches of counter top by 4 which is the width of the backsplash, (144 x 4 = 488). Add the 3,172 and 488 together for the total in square inches (3172 + 488 = 3660). Now to measure sq footage of countertops, more math is needed.

  4. Divide the total sq, inches of 3660 by 144 to get the square footage of your counter tops. Your total square footage is 26 sq. ft.

The duly trained professional at Stoneland Inc. will give you the accurate countertop square footage that will eliminate the waste in materials as well as save you money. Call them for your kitchen or bathroom renovation and get the proper look that you have been searching for. They are the number one natural stone supplier, and will have your new kitchen a showcase of luxury. Call them today.