Increase Value of Homes with Natural Stone Countertops

by Dhruv Kar
Sep 22, 2018

Natural Stone Countertops add Value to Homes

The ultimate goal of any homeowner is to increase the value of their home. Whether the reason is to improve the aesthetic look for their own enjoyment or to make the house more desirable on the market, the two areas that add the most “wow factor” are the kitchen and the bathroom(s). A house can have some of the best amenities in a comparable market, but if the kitchen and the bathroom(s) look outdated buyers may be likely to pass on the house. Additionally, few upgrades have the return on investment that kitchens and bathroom upgrades do: a homeowner can expect to recoup close to 100% of the cost of the upgrade in increased value of the house.

Without doing a full remodel, one of the easiest ways to add value to your home is through installing granite kitchen countertops or marble countertops in your bathroom(s) or both! These beautiful and durable natural stone finishes will draw attention to these spaces, increase their functionality and most importantly increase the resale value of the home. Well-informed homeowners should be award of the different kinds of stones, colors and sizes of stone before they set their minds on a particular piece.

Experts for kitchen countertops and bar tops generally recommend granite countertops. The reason being that granite countertops are one of the hardest natural stone counter materials available. Kitchen counters take a lot of abuse from things like knives, pots and pans and the like. Using granite for these surfaces ensures the beauty of the natural stone will not fade with use. Additionally, granite is resistant to acid, and acidic spillage like citrus or vinegar will not negatively affect the kitchen countertop. Something that would look great in any kitchen, regardless of the color pallet, would be a neutral color like Lapidus, however nearly any color can be matched to your decor.

lapidus granite

Lapidus Granite

Marble countertops are sometimes considered more valuable to kitchen upgrades, but experts would encourage homeowners to use them for bathrooms. Bathrooms are a better environment for marble because the natural look of the stone, with flowing lines and varying color options, can be more complimentary to different bathroom designs. Marble countertops are easily damaged by acids, but in bathrooms the marble is less likely to come in contact with acids. The most classic marble pattern, would compliment any bathroom.

mandala marble

Mandala Marble

No matter what your budget or project requirements are, experts at Stoneland Inc’s natural stone showrooms can help you make the decision that is best for you and your home from design to fit using the latest in home improvement design technology. Set your home apart and add style and value to your kitchen and bathrooms today with beautiful natural stone countertops. Visit the local showroom today or make an appointment today.